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Your child's comfort and security is most important, so we made the outside shell with a water proof plastic covering (unlike most cloth-like material used today).  A super absorbent polymer SAP that locks in wetness is used and extends outward as well as into the sides of the brief.  Along with the combination of elastic leg gathers and leak guards, the Race Car Diaper provides the best protection one can find in a youth disposable brief market today.

We encourage you to explore our  web site with the understanding that millions of boys experience both day and night time wetting.
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"What should I do I do when my kid out grows store diapers?
Where do you buy diapers in big sizes?
What brands are good for big kids?"
Bedwetting is a common condition which affects all age groups. QualityDiapers.Net offers our exclusive "Race Car" Diapers specialized for bigger boys between the ages of 8 to 15 years old. Kids and older teens often discover that Pull-Up style briefs such as GoodNites or UnderJams are not absorbent enough or just too small to be effective. We also offer waterproof "Star" Plastic Pants as an optional cover up for additional security and protection.
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March 2015 "Bed Wetter's NewsLetter"
With the help of our young models, we hope to help educate that wearing Race Car Diapers and optional Star Plastic Pants is the most responsible and effective way to manage heavy incontinence while providing comfort, style and hygiene.
Wikipedia "Epidemiology of Enuresis"
Your welcome to read our monthly newsletter that explains facts versus myths about enuresis